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1. Every male( includin Ig a little boy) has the instinct of detecting disrespect and dishonour from your words and actions towards them .

2. Men feeds on honour and respect. They value it over food. Do all you like to a man but don’t touch his respect and honour.

3. Men hate it when he’s talking to you and you are talking back at him. He hates it when he is talking and you are walking away.

4. Men hates to be challenged by their wife. Challenging him is stirring up the beast in him. That is unprofitable for you, woman

5. Men can do anything for their peace of mind, even it makes them look like a coward. When a man looses his peace at home, his life is about to relocate to another place to seek it with anyone who can give it him.

6. When a man is complaining about a particular thing, he has reached his breaking points of endurance. Do your best to pay attention to that thing and find a way to help him.

7. When a man is talking to you, he needs you to be silent and pay attention to him by focusing on him. Your calmness can make him reduce the tone of his voice if he was shouting at you.

8. The silence of a woman scares a man naturally, he can do anything just to make sure he finds out what went wrong.

9. A man is never never too busy for the woman he loves.
10. What a man wants from his woman after every day activities is peace of mind. Keep the issues away from him till he has been refreshed with food and warm/cool bath.

11. Whenever a man gets a gift for his woman, it means he has thought about her deeply before doing so.

12. A man is not always far from his investment. He either carries it in his mind or he go with it anywhere he goes.

13. Men love sex . Women love lovemaking.

14. Men shade the most honest tears after children since they rarely show emotions.

15. Every man you see has a baby side of them that yearn for deep pampering and petting. This is why no man sees himself to be too old to be pampered by their mom.

16. Men are good in flattering, yet in their flattering lies their true intentions towards you, either for value or consumption.

17. Men has the power to crush any female. Only few always chose not to use it against them but to protect their woman. Don’t dare a man to touch you as a lady.

18. A man who finds peace at home with his wife, can never sleep outside. He will always be eager to reach home.

19. To bring a man under your control, feed his ego and he will bring the City to your door step.

20. Men are always secondary to accept any religious beliefs in the family while women are easy to conjure into it.

21. Nothing gives man so much courage like the words of appreciation and encouragement from his woman in every little thing he does.

22. No man will joke with the wife, who covers his incapabilities before his children.



  • Matthew, 21 January 2024 @ 07:16 Reply

    These are complete write up about men. I’m really touched about it. These are true colors of men either young or old.
    Please send more write up so we can learn.

    • Money121, 21 January 2024 @ 08:33 Reply

      Sure more writeup coming up

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