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Reality TV stars Tacha and Phyna recently got a lot of netizens talking with their recent interview together. In a new development, Tacha revealed that she had rejected a whooping 20 million naira during an AY concert she had attended two years ago.

During their interview session, Tacha and Phyna talked about Phyna’s controversial 5 million Naira offer which had gotten so many commentaries from celebrities and netizens alike.

Phyna had revealed during the interview that 5 million Naira was chicken change to her. She disclosed that in her dollar account she had $5,000 sitting pretty in her account. She stated this as she addressed the statement by people who believed that she did not reject 5 million Naira which she had been offered by a guy when she went to an event.

Recall that comedian Deeone had even taken to social media after calling Phyna out, asking her to support the evidence that she had really rejected 5 million Naira. Phyna had also taken to blasting comedian Deeone even accusing his father of being a rapist.

Amidst all of this, Tacha revealed that she was completely in support of Phyna’s statement because two years ago she had been in a similar situation.
She revealed that she had gone for an event at an AY comedy show and she had been offered $20,000 by a man to just come and sit with him at the table.

She also revealed that she had rejected it. Phyna went on to state that even if she was a nobody who had no money in her account, she still would have rejected the offer.


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