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I get irritated seeing people creating drama over the issue of side chicks. When you get married to a man, focus on being a good wife. A man can have as many girlfriends as he wishes. If he wants, he can pay bride price six times and get six women.

Have you ever seen 30 bulls and one female cow in one kraal? Have you ever seen 30 roosters sharing one hen among chickens? Only the opposite is possible.

Be serious for once. There are few men who are responsible, just as you can find one bull managing 30 cows while the castrated ones are watching.

Some people, it’s not their fault to be side chicks. They have been in courtship after courtship with fake boys. Have you ever seen anyone dying just because they are in a polygamous marriage?

Selfishness and pride are what cause some of you to think you are better than unmarried girls. A man can impregnate 500 women in a year but a woman will only get pregnant 🤰 once. So men can have many wives or girlfriend.  If your husband comes to me because you don’t treat him well I will date him. I will accept to be his second wife. If you run away then I have won him to myself.


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  • Olawale Nexus, 17 January 2024 @ 06:52 Reply

    Your life will never spoiled. This is what am trying to comment in the other story whereby a lady said her husband is cheating and later impregnated one if his side chick. Is hight time every lady stand up for themselves. Do something in ur marriage to make ur husband want more of u. U may be full housewife and be wealthy only if u know how to make use of internet. Be more than a wife is the key to ur happiness and key to win ur man over and over all years round. Every man cheat I must tell u. Is in our bone marrow. Ur nagging and curiousity can’t stop us.

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