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Before I start my story, I really do not need anybody to judge me or condemn me and I want us to
all know that we find love in mysterious ways, and I’ve found love in my father’s eyes. This is also
not me soliciting for advice, this is me sharing my story.
my mother has always been a very busy woman, she has a very successful business, so to say my
father has been the one taking care of me and my siblings all along. Also, to put this out there that
I’m the first daughter of my parent, just for reference purpose. Due to the very busy schedule of
my mother, I got to spend a lot of time with my father. My father started having Un consensual
s*x with me since I was 13, it was very strange and weird at first and it made me super awkward
and uncomfortable, but the more time we spent together and the more reassurance I got from
him, I warmed up and I started enjoying the time I spent with him, also as I grew up my father
became overly protective of me, I’m sure on one or two occasion my mother would have noticed
the preferential treatment I get. I’ve never experienced any type of love from men except from my
I’m now 23 years old and I’ve had 2 abortions for my father, and I really don’t care or mind, I’m so
in love with that man, I’m obsessed and I want to marry him!!


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