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I always kept wondering about this. I have seen many homes break as a result of marrying a woman who despises her In-laws, and treats them with levity and disdain, yet claims to love her husband genuinely.
A once happy family could be in total disarray immediately some women get into that family.
Personally, I think if u love your husband, such love should be extended to every member of his nuclear and extended family members and same goes to the Man. I believe that genuine LOVE is infectious and contagious. I have seen a lot happening In today’s marriages that I’m already scared of getting married. People can pretend throughout the dating and courting period, but immediately after the wedding, the beast and monster in them begin to Manifest. It’s scary.

Almost all married woman are guilty of this. But the men almost do not have any issue with Loving their wive’s families.
It even gets to the ugly point that, the wife makes a decree that no menmber of the man’s family must ever visit them to stay for more than a day or two.


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