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  • “Come márry mė, I have a car and propėrty” – Lady heartbrokėn over being single and childlėss at 28

Despite doing well for herself, a 28-year-old is still unhappy because she has no man in her life or a child.


A 28-year-old lady @IamMbali_M, has taken to social media to pour out her emotions, expressing the challenges she faces in finding love and starting a family.

The young lady, who acknowledged God’s favour in her life, shared her struggle with the societal expectations surrounding relationships and motherhood.

“It breaks my heart that at the age of 28, I’ve got no child & I can barely find love that’s secure, I don’t even think at my big age I know how it feels to be loved however, I’m so grateful for Gods’ favour & pray that he gives me the strength to accept what isn’t meant for me,” the lady wrote.

Despite her concerns, @IamMbali_M demonstrated gratitude for the successes in her life, mentioning her job, car, and progress toward further education and property ownership.
She questioned whether it was wrong to desire more, prompting a reflective discussion on societal expectations and personal aspirations.

In a follow-up tweet, she shared some of her personal achievements.

“I’ve got a job, I’ve got a car. I’m 2 board exams away from admission, better pay & property. Is it wrong to just yearn for something else?,” she added.

Netizens Reactions…

@Mjudana said; “Sorry but at least you know our timings are meant to be different & will never be tampered with, what’s for you will find you at the right time for you, it’s no longer scary to start at mid 30s/40s medical science has advanced, all is well & will be well with patience & faith.”

@Xoli_Ntshangase said; “Don’t feel bad, I will love you ghelli. In fact, I love you my soul mate.”

@Kgolo_ said; “Keep the optimism going, when the time is right He will make it happen.”

@BbwMaturity said; “There are 21-30 year old women who got kids from deadbeat men, who are regretting opening their legs to such vermin. Be thankful you’re not a statistical evidence. Your time will come. Better time.”

@Konke_Worldwide said; “If it’s any consolation I’m 30 & single. Never been in love and don’t have kids. I’m sorry you’re going through those feelings but they will pass trust me. Sometimes social conditioning makes us feel like we are missing out on something or we’re inadequate. It’s not true. “


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  • Abdulgafar, 30 December 2023 @ 08:37 Reply

    Putting smile for face 😂

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