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Inna lil LAhi wa inna Ilaihi rajiun
Good morning twitter family.
We need to be very careful.
Our family have been scammed 12.5Million Naira by a 419ner from Abuja.

Last year, October 2023, my family attended a wedding in Abuja. After the wedding, people were leaving and almost every car was over loaded. My sister was left stranded. Unfortunately, a man came with an empty car and said hi, they began talking and he offered to drop her off.

Since her option was very slim, she agreed. He drove her to her destination and requested for her phone number, insisting that he has seen his wife-to-be, and why not they just get married as soon as possible. Bills on him.

He presented himself as a multi-millionaire who runs his business between Nigeria and Cotonou.
The story is long. So, to cut it short, fast forward to their wedding preparations, this January, Invitations have been sent, people are anticipating, and everyone was committed,

He phoned my sister(the wife to be) and told her that two of his containers, each worth 150Million have been seized along the borders of Benin-Nigeria. He needed 25Million Naira urgently to clear it. It was just a week to their wedding. He said he was a multi-millionaire.

He drives different luxurious cars, and uses new model iphones. But all of a sudden, he started talking about renting a house in Abuja and he was planning on the seized containers money. And now, he doesn’t know what to do. His account balance was 5million naira at that moment,

He showed her(the wife to be) and requested she source out 15million Naira for him from her family members. With his 5million naira, it will be 20million naira, and he said one of his business partner was already going to send him 5million naira that evening, and he’ll do the clearance, then his containers will be released in less than two days so he’ll settle everyone in less than 5 days and preparations and everything will go back to normalcy.

Off course! That was a red flag. But it was as well, our Qadr.

He drives different luxurious cars, and uses new model iphones. He’s a well packaged fraud and could convince anyone of us here, even the smartest ones. No single person among our family members had a negative thought about him. I believe it has something to do with Jazz.

Though, that’s my perception. We gathered all of the money we had, and even went extra length to borrow from friends, all with the expectation of settling them in less than a week time. The total amount he collected was 12,500,000naira.

At the moment, there’s no money, there’s no wedding, there’s no containers, and the man is no where to be found. His phone went off, and his what’sApp has been deleted. I can not disclose some sensitive information here due to the current restriction.

“It could compromise the operation”. But I promise to update you all if there’s any development. Why am I sharing this? I’m creating awareness. Please when dating someone, do alot of background checks and verification. Get to know him, know his family, know his mom. Visit them.

Establish real communication and relationship with them. The world has changed. We are in the end times. Please stay safe. May Allah ease our affairs, Amin.

As Told By Hapsat_twits_ on X (Formerly called Twitter)


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