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Hi gistmeloveBlog, I have a little story I would love to get some advice from your Audience.
A Friend of mine husband started cheating after a year in their marriage and whenever the lady confronts him or try to talk things out he usually says he still love her and cheating doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her anymore.
They only have one son together…Their marriage is 4years plus now and the man still hasn’t stopped cheating….only for her to discover a small leaflet in her husband pocket recently around last year December which happens to be a test result of one of his side chick who was confirmed pregnant at the laboratory..
She’s In so much devastating state right now and the husband has been apologizing that it was only a mistake and swear on his life that the lady in question has aborted the pregnancy.
Now She said she doesn’t really know what to do whether to move on with her life or still continue with the marriage.


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  • Olawale Nexus, 17 January 2024 @ 06:44 Reply

    He already said he’s sorry that it’s a mistake and even said the pregnancy in question has been terminated. What else? That’s the problem with Claus of one man one wife. Instead of her to focus on her self development and make her man want her the more. She has been monitoring the man who has nothing in his head than cheating. All man cheat, is high time every lady get to understand that. If u haven’t caught ur man in action does not mean urs is a saint! She should focus on her marriage and allow things of Secrets be hiding away in da dark than looking for what she doesn’t lost. She seems to love the man a lot, now if she park out and left him, that will be a jackpot for her outside rivalry and she can never be da same as she thought!

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