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Good morning:
I divorced my husband out of group influence last year in 2023. I started working as a nurse, and my friends told me that I could do without a man. So I got motivation from friends and left my husband. As I’m talking, two of my friends who advised me to leave my marriage got married recently. I feel lonely and I can’t find another man. So far, I have dated five men, and they just sleep with me and go. These men despite dating me they never respected me owing to fact that I’m not that attractive cos im in my thirties. One of my boyfriend got married to a young girl recently leaving me heartbroken. I’m tired and I need to be in my house with my loving husband. My actions were out of immaturity and wrong advice from evil friends.

I realised my mistakes. How can I convince him to allow me back? How can I persuade my husband? Advise me please πŸ™


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