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A Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to curse a man she considers to be her ex-boyfriend. The lady, whose user name is Mimi Bella John Terna posted on her Facebook page that she wished nothing but pain to the guy and congratulated him on his “shameless marriage.”

According to insiders, Mimi’s boyfriend, who is now contentedly married, called off their relationship just a week ago to marry a woman who seems to be older than Mimi and is rumoured to be quite affluent.

Surprisingly, Mimi and her ex-boyfriend were in a committed relationship for a significant seven-year period, with plans for a shared future. However, it appears that Mimi has been left devastated and betrayed, as she was ultimately taken advantage of and then dumped.

Heartbroken, Mimi shared a picture of her ex-boyfriend and her new wife and captioned it, “Congratulations on ur shameless marriage 😂may God purnish u for the rest of ur life 🙏 from my heart I wish you nothing but pain till you rest in the bosom of the devil 🙏”.

Netizens React 

A Facebook user wrote, “His offsprings kuma? Take it easy please”

Another person wrtoe, “Hmmmmm 🤔 it’s either one among them overtake other to marry another person.”

Another comment was, “Offspring wey never come, my dear easy, ooooo. Hmmmmmm relationship saga fit make u craze if u no get hold of yourself”

@Simon Kefas, “Just take it easy bea you don’t neet that now,Okey?”

@Onyebuchi Torres Man, “I really understand everything because is not easy to waist someone’s life and time knowing very well u don’t have plans of setting with her. Is very painful because where all human beings here, put ur self in her shoes”

@Eze Amarachi, “It’s well dear God knows Best, if man tell u wait my dear Run as fast as you leg fit carry you.”

@Inih Bassey, “Hah babe calm down ooo leave the offspring out abeg make d sins of the father remain with d father”


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