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It takes PATIENCE to live with a woman..

It takes PATIENCE to love a woman.

MARRIAGE will TEST your PATIENCE as a man. Start building it now.

A woman can make you go late for EVENTS back to back because she will take 3hours to get ready, remember you only need 3minutes.

If you are not PATIENT, you will talk to her in a manner or do something you will regret later.

A woman can Burst into TEARS just because you forgot to tell her I LOVE YOU before you dozed off to sleep.

A woman loves to talk, if you are not PATIENT as a man, you will SNAP one day and tell her woman, you talk TOO MUCH, Don’t you ever keep quiet? And those words can damage a WOMAN’S SELF ESTEEM almost irreversibly.

A woman craves ATTENTION and PETTING, this can sometimes get on your nerves as a man and only PATIENCE will help you.

A woman can get angry, and you will use full 45minutes to be APOLOGISING, if you are not PATIENT you can’t keep her..

She will say she is not hungry, then after you buy only one BABEQUE, she will be dragging it with you.

You will both have a plate of rice before you, but she will leave her plate of rice and be eating yours.

When she is on her MENSTRUAL PERIOD, you will see DRAMA, PATIENCE..


You will run ERRANDS in MARRIAGE oo. HONEY SCRATCH MY BACK, HONEY HOLD ME, BABY TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, and you just said it 3minutes ago.

My brothers, truth is RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE will TEST your PATIENCE as a man. I have told you ahead. Carry patience and enter MARRIAGE.

Women are wonderful creatures. Fear WOMEN. This gender that will stand in front of a mirror just to CRY and CHECK if she is CRYING BEAUTIFULLY ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.


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