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Nigerian disc jockey Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, has expresses the hope that the tears she shed in 2023 will nurture the seeds she’s planting for 2024.

DJ Cuppy, who experienced heartbreak from her engaged boyfriend, Ryan Taylor, earlier this year, penned down some powerful prayer as she took to her X platform today, December 31st.

As she draws curtains to the end of 2023, the billionaire heiress wants the tears that she shed this year bring good luck to her in 2024.

She wrote, “May the tears I cried in 2023 water the seeds I’m planting for 2024 🥲🌱 #IJN”.

The post triggered massive reactions as commenters shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@Trendinghub_ng said, “Try Korean men next year Cuppy, Oppas are nice”.

@AyodejiEA said, “Here’s to 2024 being the year where those tears turn into joy and growth. And hey, they say the best love finds you when you’re busy watering your own garden. 🌱💔➡️💖 #Growth #NewBeginnings”

@OziboOfficial said, “Look for one Nigerian guy and date for your peace of mind . Whites will not value you no matter what . We are simple and respectful Temi is a living example.”

@interactif_  said, “You too cry this year”.


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