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1. A WOMAN’S ATTENTION. If a woman really loves you and she wants you in her life, she will freely give you her love and her attention, but if you see that she’s not giving you attention, it simply means that you are not her priority. There is somebody else that she’s giving that attention. So, the earlier you know your place the better for you.

2. HER BODY. As long as she’s not a virgin, she must freely give you her body unless she tells you that she’s a virgin maybe she has covenant with God that she’s going to keep herself till after marriage, please respect that. That is one of the ways to show that you love her l. Respect her opinion. But as long as she’s not a virgin, if she refuses to give her body to you, she’s giving it to other guys.
Otherwise, you must run because she doesn’t love you.

If a woman really loves you it should come naturally, but once it’s not coming naturally that you have to beg for it each time you want to have it, then know that you will continue to beg all the days of your life. So, don’t let it start from the beginning.


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