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I need serious help guys, because what mouth will I use to tell the world that my boyfriend of 8 years is into men!!!!!!

Back story let’s call my man Francis, I met Francis in my 200 level, and I’d say Francis showed me love that no man has ever shown me, Francis was so loving and caring, and I never would have thought in my wildest dream that this man pipes other men through their an*s.

Before anyone asks me if I didn’t notice gay tendencies in him for a solid 8 years, I didn’t! The only time something felt off was when I caught him watching gay pornography, but I didn’t take it to heart because we already had a conversation about trying anal sex prior to that. So, his excuse was him watching it to prepare himself which was believable.

Fast forward I’ve been having a little bit of trust issues, because lately Francis smells like rose petals, his fragrance was strongly feminine that I was convinced this man was having an affair, my whole suspicion went overboard when I saw a feminine perfume in his car compartment, I just knew this guy had been seeing another babe.

I confronted Francis and he claimed the perfume was probably for one of his colleagues and I just allowed everything slide.

Francis and I have a rule, if at all we go through each other’s phone we don’t go through our close friends chat especially the opposite gender, this day we were together and he stepped out to turn on the generator, I took his phone to disconnect from the Jbl Bluetooth that was playing underneath when a notification came, it was his friend, Tunde. Why is Tunde sending my man an eggplant and a wink emoji? I was curious, I opened his phone and clicked on the chat, most of it was cleared but the recent chat shattered my heart beyond repair! These men had fixed a dick appointment and Tunde could not wait to get sucked and fucked by my man. He came in and saw me with his phone in a state of shock after knowing i knew about his secret the only this man could suggest was me joining them for a threesome! The whole rose petal scent was my man’s Afterall. You guys I can’t breathe I need help; I don’t think therapy can fix this!

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