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Hi Gistmeloveblog, i am in a mess right now, i am a married woman with 3 kids, due to the nature of my husband’s job, we stay in different states, though he do come home once or twice in 2 months as the case may be.

I started having an affair with the keke guy that do drop my kids off to school and brings them back, this was not something i started doing intentionally but i was talked into keeping an affair with the keke guy by my friends who all keep guys outside their marriages.

This morning the unexpected happened😭😭😭, after the keke guy dropped my kids off to school, we went to the usual place we do meet, immediately i took off my clothes, lo and behold my husband opened the door of the room, he glanced at me, left the place without saying a single word.

Please sir, i am presently with my friend in town, i am devastated and don’t know what to do right now, please what do you suggest i do?😭😭”


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