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According to him I don’t support his dreams, I don’t encourage him, that my love for him was conditional, over time he keeps telling me that all the ladies that have come into his life has this tendency of supporting him and all of that, and I happen not to fall in that category, so because of that he keeps comparing and making reference’s all the time it’s always brings issues between us every now and then.

Some months ago he was facing serious financial problems, and all I was able to do the little I could even though it was chicken change but again he met a lady who did more than I did and the comparison started again, it again brought fights and arguments, off recent he has met a lady who according to him supported him greatly which he told him he has been able to bounce back and things are getting better, after some days he told me thesame lady confessed that she was in-love with me it was after that confession he then told me that he has seen and known how a woman can love unconditionally, that the lady never asked him of anything , that she supported his dreams and is encouraging something I couldn’t do. Before then he told me about some things I was doing which he didn’t like, I tried to adjust to suit in the woman he wanted me to be character wise that was when he told me I was acting up and pretending to love him because of what I stand to gain from him.

I just got fed up of the whole thing and told him that if the lady is the kind of woman he wants in his life he should be with her, he has always talked about a supportive woman and since I couldn’t or didn’t fall in that category I decided to let him go in other for me to have peace of mind. So I blocked him everywhere just so it will be easy for me to forget about him and everything, I don’t know if I did the right thing?.


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