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We are currently expecting our first child , she should give birth within a this month.

She has requested money for baby things and I have given her over 400k but she hasn’t bought the basic things she needs. She usually go with her mom to the market to get the things but they haven’t even both the things the baby will need in the hospital.
They went and bought baby wardrobe even though we already had baby wardrobe that was given to us on our wedding , she also both baby duvet without buying bed , the clothes she bought was for a month old baby , she didn’t even buy the first wear the baby would use , so far I haven’t even seen anything tangible she has bought with 400k plus I’ve given her, she hasn’t even bought the things she needs after delivery .

I don’t know if it’s her mom that’s telling her to buy those things, the mom doesn’t even care where the money comes from , she just demands that we buy this and that .

I was thinking the money I gave her would be enough to buy the most basic things she and the baby needs , now she’s demanding more


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