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I made a post on my Facebook about my accommodation issues in school and how I needed help with a new one.

This guy went to my DM and asked me to delete the post, that he’d help me.


Asked me to come to Umuahia from Calabar, I asked for tfare, he asked me to come first with mine, after all na me dey find help.

I traveled down two days later, got to Umuahia only for the guy to tell me to find a place to lodge and he’d join me later because he had to attend to an emergency.😳

I managed to lodge with what I had which was even a deposit and told the hotel receptionist that my host will balance up when he comes.

He came later in the night with “Nutri Milk and Bread”.😡

He coerced me into having $3x with him based on say I dey vulnerable to his help.😭

4am he took excuse to rush to go for another emergency.

Na so Orjiako Emmanuel Japa from the hotel and left me stranded o.🙆🏽‍♂️

Balance of hotel e nor pay.
Food e nor give me chop.
Transport e nor give.
Money for rent e promise e nor give

Blocked me everywhere and left me in more vulnerable and terrible state.😭😡

Nobody treats any human like that no matter what
You don’t ride on people’s desperation to make yourself feel good.

Orjiako Emmanuel is a terrible human and he should be famous by force!!!

Here is his number

He cannot block the whole world!”


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