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I’m a single 39yr old Nigeria guy in diaspora trying to settle down and going to Nigeria to marry is not an option.

I’m an introvert who has been through some childhood trauma in my family and really fear marriage because of what I have seen and how bad it can be sometimes.

However, an old female friend and colleague of mine who we worked together in Nigeria and now in canada recently contacted me and she is also single and not had children. She is doing well for herself and now a citizen there while I’m not. A part of me is concerned about

1. Fertility : I desire children. However, can she have me healthy children @ 39. How many can she have? I discussed us trying for a child , she appears to want a.marriage first. But what gurantees do I have to have children.

Should I be concerned? I dont want to enter one chance.


Please I use God beg you, no insults just advice. Abeg. God bless you.


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