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Actress Iheme Nancy slams Yul Edochie for calling out 1st wife, May

Nollywood actress, Nancy Iheme has responded to Yul Edochie‘s recent allegations against May Edochie, his first wife.

Recall how Yul, just moments earlier, made a shocking accusation on his Instagram page, accusing May of having a stomach tuck and breast augmentation surgery without his consent—only her married boyfriend’s.

The actor expressed how frustrated he was with May’s purportedly deceptive behavior. He begged her to stop using social media to paint him as the bad guy while she lived a secretive existence.

Yul pledged not to put up with May in 2024, claiming that people still don’t know the real story about her. He emphasized his prolonged quiet, saying he has been carefully protecting her reputation while she, in his opinion, actively attempts to destroy his own.

Nancy interrupted Yul’s tirade by questioning the relevance of his worries regarding his wife’s breast augmentation and stomach tuck procedures, pointing out that she has previously given birth to four adult children.

She put Yul to the test once more, accusing him of taking a second wife without May’s consent.

Nancy said that Yul was manipulating him and that his wife’s quiet was the source of his suffering.

She advised the actor to sign the divorce papers and allow his wife to go on, pressuring him to complete their divorce.

In her words;

“She did tummy tuck and breast enhancement is that the problem here? I don’t understand men at times oo this is someone who has given birth to 4 grownups oo,is that the reason you married a second wife ? Did you also take permission before you married your second wife? This is manipulation of the highest level, just know your mind no go touch ground on God. Her silence is k!lling you we all know that. Sign the papers and let her be.”


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