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Married Women now cheat more than married Men. Gistmeloveblog gathered that over 60 percent of married women are not faithful to their husband.

Our Surveys and investigation carried out around many hotels across the country shows the activities of adults who patronized many of this hotels.

Our Surveys sent out to hotels in Lagos,Ogun, Anambra, Abuja and porthacourt shows that majority of women who patronize many of this hotels are married women with wedding rings on their hands.

One of a popular hotel in surulere Lagos name withheld had married women taking to bed. This incident mostly take place in hotels where they have short rest for those who want it quicky.

Gistmeloveblog gathered that women who are taking to bed are between 30,35,40, 45 ,50, 55 years of age. These women, majority are married women.

Gistmeloveblog gathered with one of the worker in the hotel who identify himself as anonymous disclosed that some of the people who come to their hotels are married women, married men, single guys and Ladies.

But married women patronized them more. He also said many of their customer love the location of their place because it’s hidden which is the reason many of them patronize them.

During our investigation, a married woman was seen with her 3 years old boy paying for short rest of 6 hours. At the process of her paying, a call came in which happens to be her husband, the man asked “where are you”‘she lied she went to her friends place to get something. But not knowing she was with another man in the hotel.

Gistmeloveblog gathered that this same thing happened in many hotels seeing majority of married women cheating on their husbands.

Why they are cheating is what we can’t figure out but we are carrying out more investigation to know why this married women are cheating on their husbands.


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