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1. Put your children for
school wey you fit afford
because expensive
schools no
guarantee good
results. Just ensure
Say them dey attend good
affordable school✔

2. Rent house wey your power reach
No go stay house wey you go dey
struggle to pay yearly✔

3. From the day your wife get Belle,
You get good 9 months to prepare,
So prepare well, if possible do Osusu
you go part like a week to her due date

so that you no go begin run around dey find Money to borrow.✔

4. From the day you rent house,
You suppose know say you go
Pay rent when rent due
So plan and save towards your
Next rent to avoid disgrace✔

5. plan your life well and
live within your means,
No put your hand for where
Your power no reach,
Save more and spend

6. E no make sense to dey buy food
for your children every
morning before them go
school because e Dey cheaper
to cook so cook for your house✔

7. If you no get money for DSTV
go for GOTV and upgrade
when your income don
upgrade. Afterall na still
the same CNN✔

8. Eat healthy food and
protect your family
from mosquitoes to
avoid everyday hospital wahala✔

9.  No copy your
neighbor lifestyle, because
Una two pockets no be neighbors✔

10. No follow trends,
If your power no reach bone straight,
Do Ghana weaving police no go arrest you✔

11. Keep your circle
small, keep only
friends wey get

12. Above all things, have
fear of God, get
integrity, work hard
and dey prayerful✔

13. Plan and prepare early because if
you fail to plan, you
plan to FAIL.✔

This na Just my little advice for you this year. 💯

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024👋


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