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Adetoun Onajobi, popularly known as JustAdetoun, is a political analyst and social media activist who was recently on Chude Jidenowo’s show. Adetoun told Chude a variety of events during their conversation, including what she witnessed while residing with the late Pastor Prophet TB Joshua.

She also mentioned how her father was an Ogboni group occultist.

But a recent passage from the interview in which she discussed her spouse and marriage has stirred much discussion online.

Adetoun said in the interview that she had to overcome several obstacles—both bodily and spiritual—in order to win her spouse.

The activist told Chude that in order to earn her husband’s heart, she had to outcompete 87 other women.

Adetoun remarked that certain fights she fought to win her spouse were more easy than others.

When questioned why she stayed and competed with other women for a man’s affection, the gospel singer Adetoun said she recognized she was on an assignment. Adetoun confessed she has battled various challenges both physically and spiritually.

According to Adetoun:

“When I met him, he had 87 girlfriends… my husband had 87 girlfriends, like girls that he was sleeping with. They were enjoying.

Baba Ashabi will tell me that-let me even shock you he will tell me that he is looking for a job for them. I said, ‘You who has no job, where is your recruitment center? Where are you looking for a job for them? You have left Lagos State; you are the one looking for a job for them.

Baba Ashabi! So when people tell me men can’t change, I tell them you haven’t experienced mine. I took it one step at a time.

Spiritually, there was one who was a pure mermaid. This one will even come and appear to Baba Ashabi. There was a day we were supposed to travel together, and Baba Ashabi pleaded with the lady that he wouldn’t go with me but would come to meet her mother and plead with her.

So, Chude, one after the other, I fought the battle. Some people came with revenge; he got me pregnant and said he wouldn’t collect it. Another one came and said she dated him for 15 years; another one will say l’ve been with him for twenty-something years…”

On why she stayed despite all she faced, Adetoun added:

“Because I realized I’m on an assignment in his life. He also struggled with it. If you send my husband a text message on his phone, I will receive the same message. If you chat with my husband, I will receive the same message. I took my time to understand what he had gone through.”

See reactions below:

@fingerchops: “Things you would never think someone can say, too many exaggerations. Some of these things might have happened but they were too exaggerated. Ahan!”

@oluwatosin_alo: “Lamba Minister, DJ YK Mule.”

@ade2u2u_: “You just think say we go drink the zobo just like that. Chelsea comon nah…We’re tired of this Lamba. Edakun.”

@esechekwa: anyone who can survive this interview must have bulletproof as undergarments because Wetin be dis.”

@adebayo.akinyemi: “Toun u can lie !!!!”

@shean_hawtie: “I love you @justadetoun for coming out to say all these. If you don’t understand spirituality then you can’t understand her story.”

@zeeeknow: “God Abeg! No allow this woman use lie kill us.”

@gbengaartsmith: “I don’t think I like this new direction Chude is taking. I saw your platform as a “ministry,” not a mere entertainment outlet. Was I wrong???”

@eliora_4_: “Ha Lion of the tribe of judah…eyin pa sonabayah iro…Linus mba I hail oo.”

@jimi.dash: “We need to check on her husband mental health the man is going through a lot.”

@funmieleshinojerinde: “Chude don enter am for this interview…….next time you go ask before you go interview person!”


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