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The Corper post that on his facebook page:

It was a joyous moment as I traveled home after my NYSC, unf0rtunately my mom went to the farm when I returned though she’s not aware that I am coming back. To her surprise when she saw me coming towards her, I can’t behold the joy on her face.

Seeing me through the versity was so tough that she once told to come back home and take some of her wrappers and put on sale, that was around April 2018 during my 200L. Today the joy on her face when I presented my certificate to her made me burst into tear§.

Dad left us many years ago but I held unto one word that he said to me when I graduated from primary school. The way I was staring at one corper that came to our house that day eeh! He looked at me and said “Onyii you will wear your own one day. I didn’t take it serious then, but this year that marked 12years of his děmise, by God’s grace I have fulfilled that which he said unto me.

It’s a thing of joy and honor to my mom as she determined that nothing will stop me. Guys are did it,  believe me you too can do it. Just be determined and work towards it. Nothing is impossible.

She chose to look d!rty that I might look good, I pray this joy on her face today will never cease.  Thank you mom, I promised to make you proud and it have started.💚💚💚

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