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I will try and make this brief and please ignore the errors.

I was with my close friend yesterday evening. While we were chilling together, a call came in on his phone. it was his cousin that called telling what had happened and also seeking his advice. Now this is what happened, this his cousin has been dating this lady for about a year I think and he has already proposed to her and even took her to his parents and siblings. He also visited the lady family and did some introduction. Now April this year has been chosen for the wedding ceremony proper and a date has been fixed. This is where trouble started.

My friend cousin created a WhatsApp group for his wedding ceremony, he added all his friends and some of his classmates to this group so they can join hands and make his wedding day memorable. He posted his wedding IV to the group and some pictures of him and the lady, one of his old time classmate recognized her and immediately called him for a private meeting for urgent discussions.

He visited him the next day and this guy told him everything about his fiancée. How she used to be a stripper in Lagos clubs years back and how he and his friends had wild 3some with her. She used to base in Lagos as a call girl but relocated to Abuja and that’s where she met my friend cousin. After all these revelation this guy was in deep pain as he had already gone far with the weeding preparations. Of course his old time classmate advised him not to marry her, but this guy loves her so much and he is in a big dilemma of what to do next. As he thinking of leaving the country and go start life with her elsewhere.

Can such past truly be overlooked?

After my friend explained everything to me, I was just short of words but of course I advised he shouldn’t marry her. What advice would you give him in such a situation my fellow Gistmelovers?


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