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She posted that on her facebook page:


No support compares to that of a supportive spouse.💞🥰💞

See my husband nah.. Ayinla mi🥰 Dr. Nasir Ariyibi a Consultant Public Health Physician par excellence and a wonderful man! 😍

So far, I have donned my Convocation gown 5 times and he dressed me up 4 of those 5. The only time he didn’t, I wore the hood wrongly and that’s the picture used on UNILAG’ social media flyers😂🙈.

I made trips to the stage and back few times on my Convocation ceremony day and he made sure my hood remained well clipped to my gown by adjusting it when necessary.

I made him proud and he couldn’t help but pamper me.😊🙈🤸🤸

Did you catch him blowing me a kiss from the audience during my speech?🙈 I read posts on people’s wall discussing it😂. I attached the video..feel free to blush! 🥰✌️🥰


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