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“I arrived Uk 🇬🇧 since Thursday morning but I still feel confused and surprised that I’m the one God showed love …hmmm Y’all won’t understand and I have been so down too “

“But In all I can say is thank you lord🙏I never saw this day coming…because my marriage is not up to a year and I was not even expecting to be here so soon with my husband,but God used him to perform wonders..on January 3rd 2024 which was my birthday and God gave me a very surprising and beautiful gift ,which is granting me my visa approval “

“My Husband didn’t even tell me because he was the one tracking it later that day he was like what if my visa application is granted what will I do now hmmm as a human being I just said I will be happy na so he said they denied I didn’t say anything I was like ”it’s not the end of life na” so he now said I should sing because it has been approved Omoh for seconds I was just staring at him via video call 🤣🤣he was like talk na and all I said was ..what God cannot do does not exist and I started jumping and rejoicing “

“So you see in this life always pray and hope for your own Grace don’t rush it ..because nobody expected this so soon even me self..but I thank God for blessing me with a man that loves me so much and always make sure I’m happy ,in all I give God the glory because it’s not an easy thing no matter how easy it looks in the eyes of human”
#God is ever faithful
Congratulations to me!


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