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Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai has educated her gender on what is needed to be done in order to attract the kind of men they desire.

On the X platform, the reality star shared a tiny secret with the ladies on what attracted her kind of men to her.

She noted that one can only attract what they put out and stated that saying positive things about men attracted the right ones to herself.

According to Lilian Afegbai, women shouldn’t expect high-quality men when they constantly spewing thrash about them.

She advised them to speak into existence what they want and watch it come to pass.

In her words: “What you put out, you attract I want to share a tiny secret here The minute I started saying positive things about men, my love life and all. I started attracting the kind of men I wanted in my life. You can’t keep saying men are t sh en are and expect quality Speak into existence what you want and it will come to you.”


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