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My dad’s driver son is right here in our house and he’s the first child of his dad, he’s totally different from the rest, he doesn’t look like his dad neither does he look like his mum, there’s no resemblance from both parents at all.

I stylishly dig up stories of how his mum was married because he’s been driving my dad even before I was born and I was told she was already pregnant before the marriage ceremony was held and as at that time of their wedding, the woman lived in a different state, she just came and told him she was pregnant and that was how marriage happened .

I have watched this boy from head to toe so I can see at least one feature in resemblance but I didn’t see anything, not even from the mom, he’s just totally different. The other kids are ok, two share a striking resemblance with their dad while the last took after her mom but with some of the dad features, so are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Should I tell my dad my observation? What do you think?


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