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I am the 3rd son and the first to get married in our family. My wife is very calm and collected which is why I fell head over heels for her.

After our marriage, my wife got pregnant and just 3 months into pregnancy, I got my Visa to travel to Germany. Two of my sisters suggested to live in my house with my wife but my wife refused saying she prefers to stay with her siblings.

I didn’t object to it because I don’t want any issue to arise between her and my siblings because I know how annoying my sisters can be. However my mom convinced me to let my sisters stay with my wife instead so they can be sure she’s being faithful to me and all that.

I told my wife and she wasn’t happy about that but I made her understand that my decision is final. I traveled and in less than 3 months, my siblings started bombarding me with reports about my wife. It became so much as I kept confronting my wife about their complaints and my wife wasn’t having it.

She told me I was being insecure and my sisters are trying to destroy our marriage but I allowed my emotions and ego get ahead of me.  I stopped sending her money, I would send to my mom and she will collect from my mom when she needs money.

I didn’t know what happened but I allowed my mom and siblings manipulate me to the extent that my wife had a stillbirth and they accused her of her own child and I believed them. I stopped talking to my wife for months, blamed her for loosing our child and never consoled her.

My wife kept pleading with me through chats, calls etc. I was really hurt that we lost our baby but I gave in after 4 months. I and my wife started talking again and I came back to Nigeria a year later when my papers expired.

I met my wife in the same cool headed, calm, peaceful and respectful manner as I’ve known her. I tried applying for visa and kept getting rejected, the little money I made vanished in a twinkle of an eye.

My wife was working and she was assisting financially without complains. At some point, I started feeling inferior to her. My mom and siblings stopped calling to check on me because the money was no longer there.

I whole life was crumbling before me, my wife suggested that I look for a job but I didn’t buy the idea. I saw it as complete mockery and before I knew it, a year passed and I was as good as nothing.

I finally decided to look for a job but still wasn’t lucky to get any after so many trials. I kept wondering what was wrong with me and one night I had a dream where my late dad visited me and I was complaining my ordeal to him.

He told me that my wife is a special being and has spirits guarding her jealousy. He recalled that things got better for me after I met her and got worse when I started treating her badly.

He told me to get gifts and apologize to my wife because she’s grieving inside of her and as long as she isn’t happy with me, things would continue to go South. Hmmmm, I woke up from that dream and it was as if scales fell off my eyes.

I laid on my bed for hours evaluating what actually went wrong between me and my wife. I found out it was just my INSECURITIES because I have friends who always told me that women whose husbands are abroad are majorly known for being loose.

My mom and siblings worsened the whole suspicions with their reports just because they do not like her for no reason and my wife is someone that doesn’t talk much. She’s always silent and doesn’t even bother to defend herself. She is too calm and peaceful to a fault.

I was so ashamed of myself, I clearly wasn’t
matured enough for marriage. I felt so terrible for not being there for my wife when she lost our baby. I didn’t even have money to buy her apology gifts, I just went to her and apologized sincerely.

She accepted my apology and I was intentional about awakening our bond again. She got pregnant again and I got a job even though the pay wasn’t much. My wife suggested I apply for visa again and helped me borrow a loan from her bank.

I applied and got lucky this time, I warned my sisters to stay away from my wife this time and should never call me to report anything about my wife because it’s clear the devil wants to use them to scatter my happy home.

I arrived Portugal safely and things are moving well than the previous time. My wife is almost due for delivery and I’m earnestly praying that it ends well this time. I have absolute peace now and I won’t trade it for anything.”

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