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This is to create rape awareness and warn young girls and mothers out there to take precautionary measures to reduce rape cases because these things happen every now and then and those it happened to may not be able to disclose it to anyone.

Teach your girls never to trust or visit a man alone.

In my case it was a near rape experience on two occasions. One was in the 80s when I was still a kid and the other happened when I was already an adult.

The first one, I was playing with some neighbors children in our neighborhood. They were twin boys and same age as my twin and I.

As we were playing in their house with other children our age, their elder brother, a very big guy in his mid 20s then just walked in and as we all tried to rush out of the house, he just pulled me back, layed me on the bed and lied on top of me. I was just under his stomach struggling, kicking and screaming that he should let me go that my mom is going to beat me. Immediately he stood up and I ran out of the house. The other children didn’t know what was going on.

I got home and told my Mom and she quickly checked my body and didn’t see anything. She asked me if he touched my body I said no that he just layed on my body. she warned me never to go there again and I stopped.

The second one happened in 2013 after one of my chairmen fired me for turning down his advances.
There was this man that used to give me a lift to work then before I lost the job. He would come to the bustop and pick me. At a point I started avoiding him because it was becoming too much. When he noticed I no longer stood at the bustop he started coming to wait for me in front of my house.
When he came one day and found out I had lost my job, he promised to help me get a job in his office.

One day he told me that there’s an opening that I should come let’s discuss how I’ll go about it. I went there and as soon as I entered his house he shut the door, threw the key in a far corner of his room and pushed me on the bed. Gosh! I felt like my life was over. I started screaming, I pushed and pushed and kicked until he got tired and stood up. I told him to open the door before I do something stupid he now opened and I left. God! That was so close!

Since then I never trusted anyone again. I kept to myself for long and till tomorrow none of my family members know about this. I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone except my then ex though we were not together at the time. I just called him and said see what happened to me and he blamed me for going there. I ended the call and that was it.

Please young ladies and mothers to baby girls, protect your girl child at all cost and always warn them of the dangers of going alone to a mans house.. many have been lured and even killed while struggling with a rapist.

Let’s be safe out there


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