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since I was a child, I’ve been experiencing excruciating headaches that has not been proven
medically, I’ve used all types of drugs but no positive outcome, it was bad that I grew into accepting
the fact that I’d always suffer from headaches that couldn’t be explained medically.
after I turned 6, the headache coupled with nightmares which was at first very frightening but later
became part of my everyday life.
I’m now 26 and I still have consistent headaches with nightmare. Where was my mum in all of these?
She is very much alive and according to herself and my dad when I was much younger, they rotated
different churches and hospitals to get a solution, but they didn’t. in
my lifetime I’ve been told by 2 different prophets that my problem is from my household and my
solution lies within my household. I was confused, but I never took these words as anything serious I
mean prophets could be fake too, right?
that is not the reason I’m writing this story and soliciting for help and advice, I went to my parents’
house over the weekend, and I stumbled upon something rather frightening under my parents’ bed.
It was a baby picture of myself with my father’s handwriting tied together with chicken feathers,
locked padlock and red cloth. Since I came across that rather frightening material I’ve not been at
peace, my family is not a very rich family like that so I don’t understand and I’m honestly lost, I
honestly don’t know what to do and I don’t know if my mum is in on this too, I’m just so confused I
need advice please, should i tell my mum or confront the both of them or even burn the material
and wait for whatever repercussion?


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