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Happy new year my brothers and sisters. This message is strictly for our men especially the married amongst us.

Going by the economic situation in the country,I wish to say here,that many families are going through hell on earth here in Nigeria and because of that,I want to let you know that giving birth to many children would cripple you and further diminish the happiness you may have had earlier.

I have personally witnessed where some women beg for food after delivery from other women who had babies like them,this is because things aren’t what it used to be and yet,they have a new born even extreme poverty. But why?

Further more,when you hear your wife saying harder,harder-pls use your head not to pour inside irresponsibly, it will erode your happiness and joy,it will devastate your economic life especially if you don’t have enough to cater for your family,giving birth to unprepared child can drain your time,happiness and capacity.

I was at Maitama hospital in the month of November 2023…and I saw first hand how bad the situation of this country has badly deteriorated such that able- bodied men could not afford hospital bills,baby wares and stuffs like that. It may also interest you to know that, cost of medicines have equally gone so high that many families may actually not be able to afford it too.

Lastly,let us all live a life we can afford and let us quit competing with friends,colleague,neighbours and brothers. In fact, there is a saying in igbo land that”we don’t boast with children because no one knows what tomorrow would be” based on this, I can vividly say even if u give birth to 20 children it’s not a guarantee that they will become successful.

Therefore,let us live according to our incomes and not over stretch ourselves and further embarrassed our family members.



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