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Famous blogger, Cutie Juls has accused Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu of restricting the singer from his daughter, Imade.

A startling discovery regarding the drama between Davido and Sophia has resulted from the current drama between music superstar Davido and his former best friend and colleague, Tiwa Savage, which was sparked by her baby daddy, Teebillz.

Cutie Juls, a blogger, has revealed Sophia Momodu’s absurd expectations and regulations from Davido.

The blog claimed that Sophia was requesting $800 in pay for Imade’s nanny, which is needed to be paid over a two-year period through her lawyers..

This is so depressing for some of us and not fair on Imade at all.

The little girl keeps sending messages via paternal family members on how much she misses her dad, they should help her tell dad how much she loves him etc.

Dad on the other hand also misses Imade. All this beef with Tiwa was because of this same issue. David saying Tiwa is one of the main persons who can talk to Sophia to allow him see Imade and therefore Tiwa has not shown him much brotherly love. Well I beg to differ because for the fact that Tiwa makes all efforts for her son and baby father to see each other and have a relationship doesn’t mean she can make all her friends do the same or can force to do the same. From my findings, Tiwa sef had tried in the past but it didn’t work. Sophie says David should respond to her lawyers and then from there she can allow visitation rights to avoid any negative narratives.


Both David and Imade from my findings are missing each other. Well at this point, David and Sophie don’t really matter to me. It’s the little girl. Omo, her messages will drive sane message crazy. No child deserves to go through this. 🥲💔

Sophie may be also going through her own emotional stress because she has to deal with all Imade’s emotional distress on daily basis.

This whole thing is just crazy

I pray the people handling legal proceedings speed up things so this little girl will have her emotions intact. It’s so unfair.

Sophie says David should start by paying Nanny’s fees in arrears for 2 years. I think they said it’s around $800 a month and the money should be paid via her lawyers.

Abeg, the long and short is that whoever is handling the legal proceedings should hurry up because it’s the innocent child’s emotions suffering for it.


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